work1-768x960Advances in telecommunications, traffic congestion and changing social needs have increased our interest in work-from-home arrangements.

Our Work-From-Home policy has been designed to enhance work-life balance and productivity and provide greater flexibility over a work day. It is subject to customer security restrictions and managerial approval.

Work Environment

If you are looking for an organization which give you opportunity to work with latest technologies, refreshing environment and a growing career with enjoyment then Goga Softs is the place for you!

Why Join Goga Softs?

At Goga Softs, we support a culture of teamwork and merit-centric hierarchy. We give you the perfect opportunity to share your views and ideas about projects, and an opportunity to learn by working closely with people who are as passionate about their jobs as you are. Together we transcend challenges by simplifying even the most undefeatable tasks.

With young attitude and friendly work-culture, Goga Softs encourages its employees to enjoy their work. We believe that when you work with a friend rather than a peer, it becomes easy to go through work challenges and to meet the deadlines.

At Goga Softs, we provide a healthy working environment which helps to give excellent productivity to the organization and to satisfy your career goals as well.

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