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GOGA Softs and SSPharmaLabs tie up is create a Industry best Product to automate the various levels of manual Dissolution calculation activities.

DissoCal (Pipeline)

GOGA Softs and ReddlyLabs collaboration is targeted to simplify the set of daily manual tasks followed in Lab with innovative and end-to- end integrated software solutions.

LMDR (Pipeline)

GOGA Softs and Mylan association targets a rich Report generation product to handle the Historical data of various documents across range of departments ,related to Analytical , R&D and  Formulation Р specifically in technical and document management areas.

DoumM (Pipeline)

Our Products


Lab Management Detailed Report (LMDR) targeted to track the Analytical Lab Activities and sample management for Analytical reports. This Product simplifies the tasks such as store, maintain and retrieve data to display them with graphical representation. Reports are generated for various activities such as like Inventory Reports, Sample Mangement Reports, Wastage Reports, Calibration Reports, Shortage Reports and Instrument Usage Reports.


CloudSearch Tool is equipped with understanding natural language queries from User and gets back to the User with higly relavant information from the Knowledge Base. Powered with highly efficient algorithms to train, Index and store the Data from various sources such as Web Sites,Documents and Database. Role based Search guarantees the confidentiality and authenticity of the Data viewership as per the configured permissions.


Document Management (DocuM) Product comes with features like Entry, Search, Approve, Report and Tracking of Inward/Outward Modules. It caters different types of Documents with customizable settings.It acts as a online tool between Admin & Employees for issuance, tracking and receiving of Physical Documents across different Departments. Users can search Document metadata like storage location,availability etc. Reports comes with rich graphical representation to depict the Document versus Departments and Users History Data.


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